Contemporary artist Nicholas Kontaxis creates large-scale abstract paintings, characterized by a riot of primary colors. 

In the last three years, Kontaxis’ work has taken the American art scene by storm. His complex pieces, utilizing heavy body acrylic paints and a battalion of pallet knives on massive canvases, have anchored a slew of sell-out shows and record-breaking crowds—including De Re Gallery of Los Angeles, Gilman Contemporary of Sun Valley, Heather James Fine Art Gallery of Palm Desert, and TAO Chicago. Kontaxis has been commissioned by the likes of Adidas and the Los Angeles Chargers, while attracting collectors such as Roger Federer and Eric Schmidt.

The 23-year-old’s personal background is also especially distinct. Kontaxis was born with an extensive brain tumor that has resulted in him suffering over 50,000 seizures throughout his life. 

Kontaxis is slated for his international debut in London, England, September 4th-10th at 35 Baker Street.